Will you take on the Wander Woman challenge?



We all strive to keep fit, be healthy and achieve a sense of wellness. We know it makes us feel good. However, as busy mothers, businesswomen, household extraordinaires and all-round wonder women, it is not always easy to make the time to achieve wellness.  What can help is if we do it together, gather a tribe, urge each other on and have a great time while doing it.

The new Wander Women Adventure Race might just be the answer.  A chance to have time out and get fit with a group of your best gal pals, have a weekend away in one of New Zealand’s most stunning destinations, and achieve that WELLNESS so we continue to be the most wondrous women.

Well-known for both family-friendly and elite adventure races, Whakatāne will host the inaugural Wander Women Adventure Race from 15-17 November 2019.  With three, six and nine-hour race categories, there’s something for every fitness level.  But don’t let the easy option let you shy away from training – it’s your chance to take a break, take in the outdoors and catch up on girl chat.  Who can object to your quest to achieve wellness?

Event Founder and Director Fiona Cleghorn says the event promises a lot of laughs and stunning scenery as you hunt down checkpoints along coastal and inland terrain. 

“It’s really about empowering women and taking time for yourselves in an increasingly hectic world.  It’s having a fantastic weekend away with friends and forgetting about everything that needs to be done back in your everyday world.

“It’s no surprise really that women’s adventure racing is on the rise.  It’s such a fun, feel-good thing to do, which I’m sure all women will agree is something we need every once in a while!”

After crossing the finish line, Wander Women will meet a celebratory atmosphere, with wine, food stalls and music – after all it is also about BALANCE.

Fiona says the location is also a drawcard and well-suited for adventure racing.

“We already run a number of popular adventure events around the Whakatāne District for families and elite sportspeople.  The outdoor environment is just stunning, with vast stretches of coastline and ancient forest inland. The climate is also hard to beat, often ranked the sunniest spot in New Zealand.”

So dust off your trainers, borrow a bike, get the girls together and register your team. Wellness begins now and you’ll be all the more Wanderful for it.

For more information visit www.wanderwomen.co.nz. Team registrations are open now.