Make off road running easy with Chi Running

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Chi Running can help you with all the above and more.
Chi Running can help you run effortlessly with power, tackling the uneven terrain, floating up and down the hills with ease.

It doesn't have to be one foot in front of the other, it doesn't have to be pain and injury.
Leave behind the effort of running and walking, the knee pain, IT-Band Syndrome, and other aches and pains in the dust.

Once you know and understand the techniques you need to enjoy effortless, injury free, enjoyable running and walking, you can enjoy getting out there being fit for your entire life.

You will learn to run with ease, reduce impact, effort and injury on the ground when you run, which significantly reduces injury and risk of injury.

Run Farther and Faster with Less Effort

Streamline your running by using your energy wisely. With good body mechanics, relaxation and breathing techniques, you’ll learn how to prevent fatigue, improve your endurance, and gain speed.

Come to a Chi Running workshop and learn how, and why Chi Running works.

So what is Chi Running and Walking?

Chi running and walking is a special technique developed by Danny Dreyer, an ultra marathon runner who finished in the top three in his division in thirty-nine ultra marathons and a Tai Chi master.

Danny was taught Tai Chi by George Xu(Zhu Xilin from China). Together they developed a new concept to injury free running and walking, by moving from ones centre (Chi Centre) and letting arms and legs follow.

The concept focuses 5 areas that promote long-term health, fitness and wellbeing:

✓ Body alignment and relaxation
✓ Energy efficiency
✓ Injury prevention
✓ Gradual process of getting fit rather than goal orientated
✓ Holistic Mindful Living by connecting mind with body

Body alignment and relaxation:
Instead of using muscular effort to walk or run, that creates effort and pain, learn good posture alignment and relaxation in the body. This will remove the tension and stress, that makes body forward movement easier and efficient.

The aches and pains associated from moving your body from awkward positions, when in a bad posture alignment, will disappear and so will the risks of getting muscle pulls and injury.

Energy efficiency:
Know how to use your body Chi Energy Force and the dual forces at play to your advantage.

Chi Energy Force: Learn how to connect and allow the Chi Energy Force in your body to bring power to your running and walking. (A strong life force in every human body that makes a human being totally alive, alert and present)

Dual Forces at play: Learn how to co-operate with the dual forces of gravity and the movement of the road under your feet to propel you forward with ease.

Injury Prevention:
Learn how to land and place your foot on the ground that reduces the impact and gives you a supportive place to move with a strong balanced stable body position that feels powerful and energetic.

This reduces the effort, pain and discomfort from landing on your heel or forefoot that causes the unnecessary pulls and strains to your muscles and ligaments that cause injury.
Gradual Process of getting fit:

The Chi Running and walking brings in the concept of making running and walking into a practice rather than goal-orientated, which provides a safe platform for long-term health, fitness and inner wellbeing.

The principle of “gradual progress” and learning slowly is taught to ensure you stay motivated, see results quickly and remain injury-free.

Long-term health, fitness and wellbeing:
The new principles you will learn will have a lasting change to the way you stand, walk and run, live.

You will be able to see exercise as an enjoyable experience and Running and walking will become enjoyable and safe.

The focus is mindful and meditative as it connects your mind and body together to work as a team. Giving you the skill of relaxation and focus to achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

It will be a strange new world to start with, but an exhilarating and rewarding one.

How you will learn:
You will learn the whole Chi Running and Walking technique in a step-by-step fashion.

You will have individual attention to ensure understanding of the technique, adjusting as we go along so you really pick up what is being taught.

Depending on how you progress and pickup the technique, we can add on extra weeks of coaching to make sure you are happy in picking it all up and can practice on your own in between lessons.

You will be given tools and apps to assist with your learning and help you understand this new of exercising.

Its essential to me that you receive the full attention and coaching you need to come away knowing you can Chi Run and confident in your knowledge of how to stay injury-free.

You have full support via email and phone for any questions after the workshop if needed at no extra cost.

Practice is the key to learning Chi Running.
You’ll will have sometime to practice, running drills and exercises designed to help you in-still the technique in your body.

Tailored to your specific fitness needs, desires and training goals.

We choose a time and place that suits you.
Generally early mornings, lunchtimes and early evenings are the best times to teach as this tends to suit most people.

Additional Information

Specialist areas: Good posture and form
Injury free running prevention
Energy efficiency

Experience - Personal: I am an experienced runner of 25 years and competed both on road and off road in short and ultra long distances.
I taught myself Chi Running after getting injured so many times that I decided to find a solution, and Chi Running was it.

Qualifications: Certified Chi Running Instructor
Certified Sports massager