Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up


Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round Up.

This edition includes:

NZ Track & Field results
International results from Australia
Road and Trail race results from around the country


New Zealand Competition Results
Hastings Athletic Club Spring Series, Mitre 10 Park – 13 September 2020
Tom Walsh, grounded in New Zealand due to Covid-19, was out to an impressive 21.54m in the shot put in his first competition in six months. His last outing was winning the New Zealand title with 21.70m in Christchurch in March, which ranks him fifth in the world in 2020. Nick Palmer was second in the shot with 17.34m and Nathaniel Sulupo third with 15.49m.


Sprinters competed over under and over distances from the standard events. Joseph Millar won the 60m in 6.86, third in the 150m 16.31 and second in the 300m 34.70. Edward Osei-Nketia won the 300m in 34.67, and second in both the 60m 6.87 and 150m 15.85. Hamish Gill won the 150m 15.84 and was third in the 60m 6.89.


Zoe Hobbs won the 150m 17.22 and was third in the 60m 7.50 won by Symone Tafuna’i in 7.43. Georgia Hulls was second in both the 60m 7.48 and the 150m 17.38. Natasha Eady was third in the 150m 17.60 and Portia Bing won the 300m 37.96.


Lisa Adams put in an outstanding performance to set a new world record. Her massive 15.50m betters her own F37 shot put world record of 15.28m, set at the New Zealand championships in Christchurch in March.


Connor Bell 1.75kg DT 64.78m. Corran Hanning F12 5kg SP 11.74m, 1.5kg DT 37.31m. Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 14.33m, 1.75kg DT 47.64m PB, 6kg HT 52.89m PB. Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.16m +2.6, Jack Bryan LJ 6.68m +3.0. Briana Stephenson LJ 5.67m +3.5, Zoe Taylor LJ 5.50m +2.9. Maddison Wesche SP 17.98m. Savannah Scheen DT 50.84m. Lauren Bruce HT 66.62m.

Winter Track and Field Series, Manawatu Community Athletic Track, Massey University – 6 September 2020
Cody Wilson, the 2018 and 2019 national junior 200m champion, won the 200m in 21.98 +1.4 from Angus Lyver 22.62 and Oliver Krijnen 22.95. Lyver also won the long jump 6.32m +0.5.


Jordan Stewart 60m 7.16 -1.0, from Wilson 7.20. Liam Wright 1000m 2:44.76. George Lambert 3000m 8:58.16 PB. Liam Lamb 5000m 15:56.32. Kaleb Sola 1.5kg DT 42.54m PB. Corran Hanning F12 1.5kg DT 38.99m PB. Genna Maples 60m 8.01 -5.1, 200m 25.53 +0.1, LJ 5.58m +0.5. Natasha Rae 1000m 3:02.71. Mackenzie Morgan 3000m 10:44.93 PB. Anna Thomson TJ 12.29m -0.1. Mikayla Sola 3kg SP 11.47m PB. Zoe Rutherford 3kg SP 10.33m PB, DT 32.68m.


Takahe to Akoroa Relay – 12 September 2020
Christchurch Avon won the senior men’s grade in the iconic road relay, which was first run in 1935. Their team of Chris Kelly, Luke Mitchell, Daniel Roswell, Thomas Clarke, Cam Clark, Theo Walker, Tommy Richards and Matt Dryden covered the eight stage 76.3km in 4:26:50, nearly two minutes faster than Sumner. University of Canterbury were third in 4:34:01.


Fastest laps: 1 9.6km Chris Kelly 32:25, 2 10.4km Vajin Armstrong 35:45, 3 10.0km Mark Bailey 32:49, 4 9.4km Alex Cowden 31:43, 5 10.7km Blair McWhirter 35:41, 6 6.8km up-hill Theo Walker 29:12, 7 9.5km down-hill Tommy Richards 29:17, 8 9.9km Chris Dryden 33:38.


The inaugural New Zealand road relay championship was staged on the Takahe to Akaroa in 1977.


Complete Podiatry team of Rebecca Gifford, Abby Nttrass, Nicki McFadzien, Annabelle Bramwell, Annabel Merrett, Julia Grant, Julia Chamberlain and Laura Wood won the senior women in 5:25:22 from Don Greig Running Squad 5:39:48 and Run Timaru 6:23:48.


Fastest laps: 1 Nory Lansing 40:12, 2 Samantha Benson-Pope 42:55, 3 Nicki McFadzien 39:30, 4 Annabelle Bramwell 37:46, 5 Hannah Oldroyd 40:31, 6 Julia Grant 34:12, 7 Julia Chamberlain, 8 Laura Wood 41:31.


B grade University of Canterbury 5:13:55. C grade Port Hills 6:29:08. Master men A New Brighton Olympic 4:51:14. Master men B Scallywags 5:58:19. Master men over 50 Don Greig Running Squad 5:17:27. Master women New Brighton Olympic 6:26:55.


Papanui TocH won the junior men’s 40.7km six stage relay from Allandale to Cooptown in 3:01:04. Christchurch Avon won the masters over 60 grade in 3:25:30.

Twilight Meeting, Lovelock 3000m, Caledonian Ground – 11 September 2020
Otago cross country champion Janus Stanfenberg won the 3000m in 8:30.2 from Max Yanzick 9:04.1 and Austin Carter, son of Hamish Carter, 9:08.1. Rebekah Greene was the first woman in the mixed race in 9:44.6. Maya Irving recorded 10:14.2 and Zara Geddes 10:32.3.


International Results
Brisbane Cross Country Series #3, 23 August: 8km Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 29:47 (2). #4 30 August: 4km Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 13:48 (1).


Queensland Cross Country Championships, Limestone Park, 5 September: 10km Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 35:45 (3).


Road and Trail Races Around the Country 
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 2 September: Keith Burrows 17:24, Damon Nicholas 18:10, Joel Martin 18:36. Jacey Cropp 18:43.


Sprig and Fern 10km road race, 12 September: Curtis Moore 37:48, Eddie Hohepa 38:10, David Francis 40:14. Angela Leck 41:10.


Prominent high jump coach Bish McWatt of Auckland passed away on Wednesday 2 September 2020 aged 91.


He was based at Kings College and was a national high jump coach for 15 years. He coached a number of New Zealand champions including 25 nationally ranked high jumpers between 1975 and 1991.


Bish and his wife Thelma (deceased May 2019) and daughter Lorraine moved to California in 1964 after meeting college athletic coach Forrest (Jamie) Jamieson in New Zealand in 1959. Bish taught at San Jose State College (Speed City) for eight years and was an assistant jumps coach to Bud Winter, who was at that time the greatest sprint coach in the world with renowned Olympians Tommie Smith, John Carlos, Lee Evans and Lloyd Murad who coached for several years in New Zealand.


Bish was a high jump and pole vault official at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games and a recipient of an Athletics Auckland merit award.


Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand