Kathmandu Coast to Coast - Western Australia father and son



The opportunity to compete in a multi-sport event in both an unknown but also desirable location is what caught the eye of father and son Kathmandu Coast to Coast competitors from Western Australia.

Ross Lewin and his son Doug hail from Perth but will be touching down in New Zealand in February to participate in the iconic event. “The Coast to Coast caught my attention because it looks like such an out-there challenge in a location that I have heard so much about, but never been to,” Ross said.


He said with most other multisport races he has done he’s never doubted his limits or ability to complete the event, but he feels the Kathmandu Coast to Coast offers something different.


“What excites me about the Coast to Coast is that tingling feeling I get when I think about the adventure and what, for me, will be unchartered physical and mental territory.”


His son Doug said he first heard about the event from a traveling Kiwi at his local Perth surf club.


“I realised that this was the ultimate multisport race and the seed was planted.”


Ross, who is originally from South Africa and emigrated to Australia with his family in 2006, started out marathon kayaking as a junior then got into mountain biking in his thirties. “I then moved to Perth where there is some awesome ocean paddling on offer – so got into that. I’ve always loved trail running too, so the natural thing to do was put the disciplines together and do multisport.”


Doug got his start in surf lifesaving as a nipper, where he developed a love of the ocean including ocean ski racing.


“Through my parents' interests I got to enjoy Mountain biking and trail running. I then did my first junior short course multisport race at 14.”


 Although they will be competing as individuals in the Coast to Coast, the pair train together and have competed in the past racing as a pair in a multisport event in Western Australia when Doug was 16.

“We did really well together and the bug bit.”


“I have guided Doug along his path of endurance racing. Now that he is nearly 20, he really investigates and researches so much on nutrition and training that I get to learn a lot from him.”


“We collaborate and share training programs and fitness data on apps like Training Peaks which is a great motivator too.”


For Ross the build-up to the event has had its ups and downs.

“Once my sights were set on the Coast to Coast and I had entered, I was super excited to get training. I set a string of interim goals and events and built a good fitness base. I anticipated the risk of injury with the high volume of training activity and sure as eggs it happened – I tore my left Iliotibial band in early September which was a huge blow to the run training.”


For Doug, the run training got off to a strong start but he unfortunately developed extensor tendonitis and a tight hip flexor which held up the run training program.


“Kayaking and cycling has enabled me to maintain fitness.”


However, Ross said a simulation day at the end of last year - Cape to Cape Adventure Race in WA went better than expected.


“Doug and I finished as a pair in 12.5hrs and injuries held out too.


 “So, all good - and getting pumped for NZ.”