Olympians Jump on New World Class Ski Facility in Brisbane For First Time



The southern hemisphere’s only year-round outside aerial ski facility is seeing its first action this week as Australia’s Winter Olympians get to work on the new ramp facility at Brisbane’s Sleeman Sports Complex.


The 37m tall structure (see image below) will be a world-leading training base for Australian athletes, from elite current athletes to developing young athletes into future Winter Olympians.


Media are invited to attend the facility at Sleeman Centre this Thursday 1 October for vision and interview opportunities with athletes, including three-time Olympian, Sochi 2014 silver medallist and part of the current national coaching team David Morris and World Championship silver medallist Danielle Scott.


Training vision of athletes on the facility can be filmed from 11am-12pm, and interview opportunities with athletes based around their training schedule. Additional footage (construction timelapse, facility drone shots and athlete GoPro footage) will also be supplied on Thursday.


Note: This is not the official opening of the facility, which has been delayed due to COVID-19. The official opening is expected to occur in 2021.


Event details:


Media Opportunity Thursday 1 October



11.00am – 12.30pm.

11.00am – athletes will be jump training on the ramp: vision and photo opportunities

11.30am – interview opportunity with Danielle Scott

12.00pm – interview opportunity with Dave Morris, Abbey Willcox, Gabi Ash and Airleigh Frigo



Members of the Australian Aerial Ski Team “The Flying Kangaroos”:

Dave Morris – 3-time Olympian and Sochi 2014 silver medallist; part of national aerial coaching team

Danielle Scott – PyeongChang and Sochi Olympian, World Cup gold medallist and World Championships silver medallist

Abbey Willcox – World Cup bronze medallist

Gabi Ash – Nor-Am Cup medallist

Airleigh Frigo – national squad member