Olympics Unleashed Officially Arrives in Western Australia



Olympics Unleashed presented by Optus arrived in Western Australia with the official launch of the program kicking off at Ashburton Drive Primary School. Students celebrated the occasion with pole vaulter, Australian record holder and Tokyo Team member, Nina Kennedy, four time Olympian and former professional basketballer, Andrew Vlahov and Rio Olympian, Natalie Burton.


The program is set to run initially for one-year in WA and is geared to help students understand how to overcome life’s obstacles, set goals, and build vital self-confidence. Athletes will draw on lessons learned throughout their Olympic journey and competition at the highest level, motivating students to be the best they can be – whether that’s in school, at home, on the sporting field or with friends.


The program will travel throughout the vastness of Western Australia from Ardyaloon in the North to Esperance in the south. Olympics Unleashed is a partnership with the Western Australian Government who is investing initially to pilot the program and it’s anticipated that 20 athletes will be trained to deliver the program to students across the state.


“Bringing an Olympian into the classroom, giving the students the opportunity to interact with them and understand who they are, that they’re just like them, makes the Olympic dream feel attainable. This is a truly motivating and powerful experience for students.” Said AOC CEO Mr Matt Carroll. 


“The stories of our athletes are a real inspiration and they can help students to create real change in their lives enabling them to follow their passion, whatever that may be.”


“Our athletes illustrate how failure is one of life’s greatest teachers and the path to success is never quick nor easy. “


“We’re excited to be delivering the program to children right across Western Australia and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Minister for Education and Training, Sue Ellery, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Dr Tony Buti and our presenting partner Optus for supporting Olympics Unleashed and helping us to roll the program out to students and teachers in WA. ”


Olympian Natalie Burton presented the Olympics Unleashed session and spoke about the reaction she received from students at the Ashburton Primary school.


“Olympics Unleashed makes the Olympics feel more accessible for kids, it makes it more real and they learn that Olympians are no different to any of them.”


“In delivering the session, I really want the children to walk away feeling they have the capability to be the best they can be, at whatever that might be.”


“It’s awesome to finally have Olympics Unleashed in WA, all schools and children should have access to this program and it’s amazing to see the breadth of the state that will be covered in the first year.”


Steve Lawrence CEO of the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) discussed the launch of Olympics Unleashed and what athletes bring to students.


"We're delighted to have Olympics Unleashed launch in Western Australia, and for current and former WAIS athletes to have the opportunity to share their personal stories to assist motivate and inspire students across the state.


"For students, having athletes deliver sessions on goal setting and resilience, and share their journey in and out of sport will be a source of inspiration for the next generation. I’m sure students will be able to relate to their experiences and as they embark on their own journey realise if they work hard their goals are attainable."


You can find out more and register your school for a visit at www.olympicsunleashed.com.au