XTERRA Trail Running Tips & Tricks with Samantha Kingsford



Samantha Kingsford shows us how to get the new year started on the right foot with her go-to hill reps routine in this edition of XTERRA Trail Running Tips & Tricks.

“Running hills is a great way to improve your strength and form with a low-risk of injury,” said Kingsford.

First, find your favorite hill, then commit to three rounds of 3-minute uphill running followed by four 30-second strides.

“You want to be touching threshold at the end of your three minutes, using the hill to bring up your heart rate.  And with the 30-seconds they are just strides like last week and not all-out sprints.  At the end of each rep jog back down for recovery,” instructed Kingsford.  “And if you’re bending over gasping for air you’ve done it completely wrong and gone too hard.  Remember, we want to build form, not show form.”


Samantha Kingsford is one of the fastest elites in all of XTERRA. She won three majors on the World Tour in 2019 - XTERRA Brazil, Victoria, and Mexico - and also captured the XTERRA Pan Am Tour title.

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